The Planning & Zoning Department reviews zoning certificates for all construction in the township, new business uses in new and existing buildings, and permanent and temporary signs. Applications are available at the Planning & Zoning Department or on this website. Along with the signed application, a site plan and detail drawings with the locations of existing structures, the location of the proposed improvement on the lot, distances from side, rear, and front property lines is required.

The following permit applications are available in PDF format. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

(Click below for PDF)

New Residential Dwelling Application

Residential Addition Application
     -Residential Addition Fact Sheet

Residential Accessory Structure Application
     -Residential Accessory Structure Fact Sheet

Residential Fence Application
     -Residential Fence Fact Sheet

Swimming Pool Application
     -Swimming Pool Fact Sheet

Commercial/Industrial Development Application

Corridor Review District (1,2 and Office/Institution)Application

Demolition Permit Application
     -Demolition Fact Sheet

New Business Use Certification

Permanent Sign Application
     -Permanent Sign Fact Sheet

Temporary Sign Application
     -Temporary Sign Fact Sheet


Other Fact Sheets Available