Executive Summary of Five-Year Update to Comprehensive Plan

After extensive input from the community, the Board of Trustees in July 2010 adopted a comprehensive plan laying out goals for our community and objectives by which to accomplish them. We – including our administration, staff, employees, and appointed board members – use them as the guiding principles behind the decisions that we make on a daily basis. The comprehensive plan highlights the community’s future intentions, but it also assists the Township by serving as a guide for the overall growth and redevelopment for residents, businesses, and public officials; serving as a basis for administering the zoning resolution and for making reasonable decisions on development and rezoning applications; promoting innovative, sustainable, and green development and redevelopment practices; ensuring the continuity of long-range economic development, planning, and capital improvement policies and programs; assisting the Township in applying for state and federal grant programs; preserving the aesthetic and natural character of Howland Township; and promoting the safety, prosperity, health, morals, and aesthetics of our residents.

This is the third update to show you how these lofty goals manifest themselves. Each project, policy, or program is described on the left-hand side of the accompanying tables, and, on the right, you will see a mark indicating how that project, policy, or program addresses one or more of the various categories. This is our checklist to see how we are doing and to ensure that we are continuously marching towards those goals. Many also further the major initiatives that were identified in the comprehensive plan.

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