Trumbull Collection Facility

Location: 5138 Enterprise Blvd.,Warren, 44481

reopening June 2, 2020!

New COVID-19 precautions in effect

New facility hours:

Tuesdays: Appliances and electronics ONLY

Wednesdays: Household hazardous waste, appliances, and electronics

Fridays: Appliances and electronics ONLY 

Saturday Dates: Open 9am - 12 noon: June 6, August 1, September 12, October 3.
Household hazardous waste, appliances and electronics

Residents of Geauga and Trumbull Counties only. No latex paint. No commercial waste. Limit 2 TVs. No tires.

Call 330-675-2673 or visit for more info.

Board of Directors: Trumbull County Commissioners: Mauro Cantalamessa, Frank Fuda, Daniel Polivka. Geauga County Commissioners: Tim Lennon, Jim Dvorak, Ralph Spidalieri.

branchesThe Limb and Branch program is a bi-annual program, operated in the spring and Fall. The fall program will begin sometime around the second week of October and the deadline dates will be posted.  See the Home page during the program months for specific dates and times.  Residents are reminded the Limb and Branch Program is for trimmed and pruned branches from trees and shrubbery. Branches from downed trees and lot clearing will not be picked up. A commercial tree service must be utilized. Limbs and branches must be root free, no larger than 6 inches in diameter and placed next to the street with the cut ends facing the street. Piles should be limited to an equivalent 4 X 8 pile of wood.

This program is only offered at specific times during the year.  Please watch the Home page for dates and times!


Howland Protect-N-Shred It Day


TAG EventHowland Residents are welcome to bring up to 5 garbage bags of paper to be professionally shredded by Protect-N-Shred of Cortland. PLEASE, no office or commercial shredding.  The Howland Township Trustees are proud to offer township residents this free service.  All paper will be recycled to make things like paper towels, toilet tissue, paper plates, and other products.

When: In the Spring, look for dates on the Home Page sometime in April.
Location: Gazebo Parking Lot at the corner of East Market and Willow Dr.


Leaf Bags

Republic Services Customers: In an effort to reduce costs, save taxpayer dollars and provide service, Republic Services will pick-up a maximum of 10 bags of leaves per week during your regular garbage pick-up.  All leaves and grass can be placed in paper or plastic bags. Please try to keep the weight of the bags under 40 lbs.

Pick-up begins in October and goes through December.

If you have someone other than Republic Services as your garbage hauler, you will have to check with them on their policy for leaf pickup.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Administration Office at (330)856-2340.

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