Leaf Bags

Howland Township sponsors a Leaf Pick-Up in the fall. See the Home page during the season for specific dates and times.

Place your bags curbside. All leaves MUST BE in BIODEGRADABLE Bags (heavy kraft type paper) which are clearly labeled BIODEGRADABLE or COMPOSTABLE.

Any size bag is acceptable. Please be aware “Recyclable” bags are NOT biodegradable. If you do not wish to use biodegradable bags, you will have to use a lawn service to dispose of your leaves. The EPA is very strict on how yard waste is disposed. The stringent guidelines have driven up the cost of disposal. In an effort to protect our environment and our tax dollars, we believe this is our best option.

Also, your garbage hauler will pick- 5 bags of yard waste (leaves & grass) weekly.

This program is only offered at specific times during the year.  Please watch the Home page for dates and times!

If you have any questions, you can contact the Administration Office at (330)856-2340.