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Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

In accordance with the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, Chapters 519.13 – 519.15, the Howland Township Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public meeting within the hearing room at the Howland Township Administration Building, 205 Niles-Cortland Road NE, Warren, Ohio, 44484 regarding the item on the following agenda.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you are encouraged to attend.  The Zoning Department may be reached at (330) 856-5223.

     Case 17-A-06: Variance Requests and Conditional Zoning Request –Parcel ID#s 28-157500, 28-408770, 28-089855, 28-089850, 28-606801, Niles-Cortland Road SE, Warren, Ohio, 44484.

Location:              Five parcels totaling 5.695 acres, situated on the east side of Niles-Cortland Road SE, north of the intersection of Hidden Hills Drive (private).

Zoning:                 Corridor Review District-1 – CRD-1 and Corridor Review District-2 – CRD-2

Requests:             Variances from the following sections of the Howland Township Zoning Resolution:

  1. Section 5.04(A) Corridor Review District Standards-Dimensions; Maximum Building Size: Variance to exceed by 6,000 square feet the maximum allowable building size of 10,000 square feet in a CRD-1 District.  
  2. Section 5.04(A) Corridor Review District Standards-Dimensions; Parking Area Setbacks from Property Lines: Variance of five (5) feet from the required thirty (30) feet front yard parking setback distance.
  3. Section 10.04(B)(1)(a) Commercial & Industrial Districts-Permanent Signs; Wall Sign: Variance to allow an additional wall sign, totaling 67.3 square feet, to be placed on the north wall of the proposed building.  
  4. Section 5.04(D)(6)(c) Corridor Review District Standards-Screening of Waste Receptacles: Variance to allow the waste receptacle to be located in the area between the main building and the public right-of- way.
  5. Conditional Zoning Request citing the Howland Township Zoning Resolution: Section 31.05(B)(1)Steep Slope Regulations; Performance Standards: Slopes between 2:1 and 4:1 may not be greater than 10 feet in height without a minimum 5- foot wide vertical bench. Applicant requests a Conditional Zoning Certificate upon a finding that the proposed use is consistent with the intent of this Section, and following receipt of a review and recommendation of a professional with expertise deemed necessary by the Board.                                                     


Applicant:           Lidl US, LLC, 4449 Easton Way, Suite 200, Columbus, Ohio, 43219, authorized representative of JT Management, Limited Partnership, 9240 Bayhill Drive NE, Warren, Ohio, 44484. 

Peter Ross
Zoning Administrator


Published in the Monday, August 14, 2017 edition of the Tribune Chronicle.

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