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August 20th, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.


In accordance with the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, Chapters 519.13 – 519.15, the Howland Township Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a virtual public meeting. The Meeting can be accessed at The Meeting is regarding the items on the following agenda. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you are encouraged to attend. The Zoning Department may be reached at (330) 856-5223.


Case 20-A-01: Variance Request –Parcel ID# 28-565700, 2203 STATE ROUTE 46, Warren, Ohio, 44484.


Location:           + 0.795-acre parcel situated on the corner of Niles Cortland RD SE and Old Orchard RD SE.

Zoning:             "CRD2" Corridor Review District Two

Request:            Variance from the Howland Township Zoning Resolution, Sections:


  1. Section 5.04, G(5)(c) Each lot for an automatic car wash and polishing establishment shall contain a minimum frontage of 125 feet and a depth of 200 feet. The subject lot has a frontage of 119 feet. Thus, the applicant is requesting a 6-foot variance from the required 125' minimum lot width dimension for a car wash.

  2. Section 5.04, G(5)(I) A building used as a vehicle wash shall be a minimum of forty  (40)  feet from the side lot line. The applicant is requesting a thirty-foot (30') variance from the required forty-foot (40’) building setback for a side yard.

  3. Section 5.04.G(3)(b) Lanes required for vehicle access to and waiting for the use of a drive-thru or drive up facility shall be designed provide an escape/abort lanes for vehicles desiring to leave the stacking lanes or to avoid disabled vehicles. The applicant is supplying two stacking lanes an no escape or abort lane. Thus the applicant is requesting a variance from the required abort lane along the entire length of the line for the car wash.

  4. Section 5.04 (A) Parking Area Setbacks from Front Property Line: The proposed parking setback along Old Orchard is 22 feet. The required setback is thirty (30) feet. Thus the applicant is requesting an eight-foot (8’) variance from the required thirty-foot (30') minimum parking setback along Old Orchard Road.

  5. Section 5.04 (A) Parking Area Setback from Rear Property Line: The proposed rear parking is set back thirteen (13) feet from the property line. The required rear parking setback is twenty (20) feet.  Thus the applicant is requesting a seven-foot (7’) variance from the required twenty-foot (20’) minimum rear parking setback.

  6. Conditional Zoning Request citing the Howland Township Zoning Resolution: Section 31.05(B)(1)Steep Slope Regulations; Performance Standards: Slopes between 2:1 and 4:1 may not be greater than 10 feet in height without a minimum 5- foot wide vertical bench. Applicant requests a Conditional Zoning Certificate upon a finding that the proposed use is consistent with the intent of this Section, and following receipt of a review and recommendation of a professional with expertise deemed necessary by the Board.                                                      


Applicants: Hutton ST 17, LLC, 736 Cherry Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402 on behalf of 2203 NILES CORTLAND RD LLC, 4406 WINDMILL LANE, BOW WA 98232



            Daniel Morgan 
            Zoning Administrator


Published in the Monday, August 10th, 2020 edition of the Tribune Chronicle.

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Howland Board of Zoning Appeals will be hosting their next meeting virtually.  This meeting will begin on Wednesday, August 20th at 7:00pm.  

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