Fiscal Officer / Finance:  Financial Report


Howland Township’s financial report for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020 and has been filed with the Auditor of the State of Ohio.  Copies may be requested by contacting the Howland Township Finance office at 330-856-2340.

During 2020, Howland Township continued to experience a decline in revenue in Intergovernmental receipts which was due to a reduction of local government funding, phase out and loss reimbursement of tangible personal property tax and elimination of inheritance tax.   Additional monies were received through the Coroavirus Relief (CARES ACT). The following is a comparison of the total operating receipts, expenditures, ending cash balances and encumbrances for the years 2018 and 2019:


  Calendar Year 2019 Calendar Year 2018
Total Receipts $8,902,206.73 $8,924,483.56
Total Expenditures $9,074,015.88 $8,451,866.08
Ending Cash Balance $1,803,800.78 $1,975,219.41
Reserve for Encumbrances $289,660.85 $549,044.45

For the year of 2020, the Amended Official Certificate of Estimated Resources certified for Howland Township totals $11,891,767.19  and  was appropriated as follows:


General Fund 1,884,086.50
Motor Vehicle License Tax 40,577.76
Gas Tax Fund 401,895.19
Road and Bridge Fund 1,793,666.95
Cemetery Fund 41,844.92
Cemetery Chapel Fund 1,922.75
Police District Fund 2,225,752.08
Fire District Fund 3,254,236.88
Drug Law Enforcement Fund 11,280.51
Coronavirus Relief 927,670.42
Ambulance & Emergency Medical Fund 777,993.63
Howland Fire & EMS Training Fund 150,077.64
FEMA-Assistance to Firefighters Grant 30.50
Fire Loss & Demolition Ins. Acct. 23,580.51
2017 Paving Program 31,114.21
Howland 2013 Culvert Replacement 4,607.96
Golden Triangle Wetland 1,691.48
EDA Planning Grant - Golden Triangle 8,134.25
High/Willow Ped. Sidewalk 189,114.00
54" Storm Sewer Emergency Replacement -OPWC 1,705.30
Rosegarden Storm Sewer 75,000.00
Moquito Dreek Wet Ext -OWPC 36,783.75
EDA Care Act 9,000.00
Total 11,891,767.19


Fiscal 2020