Howland Township Park

Howland Community Park encompasses 172 acres centrally located in the township.  The park provides recreational areas for many family and sporting events throughout the year.  These facilities include:

 Tennis Courts


Please note: No outside soccer teams may use the facility until approved by the Park Commissioners.  A schedule and insurance must be provided before approval.

The Howland Boardwalk Nature Trail is adjacent to the park and provides easy access to scenic walking trails.  Over the years, the park has hosted Soccer leagues and tournaments in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The pavilions can be reserved for special occasions! See the Contact Phone Numbers on the right for more information.Boardwalk Path Township Park Runner

2000 Rosegarden
Warren, Ohio



Dawn to Dusk


If you are looking for a relaxing outdoor experience, or want to get your pulse rate up, Howland Community Park has it all.  Come and visit us today!

Howland Parks Contact


Community Park Reservations
(330) 856-9707
Bolindale/Deforest Park
(330) 369-4845

All Other Park-Related Calls
(330) 856-9707
Emergency: 911