WHEREAS, that the Howland Township Road Department has in the past replaced or repaired mail boxes that have been damaged during the ice control and snow removal season, and
WHEREAS, the cost of such operation has become greater and greater each year, due mostly to the more exotic types of mail boxes, in comparison to the standard metal rural mailbox. Also, so many boxes and posts that are replaced, in many cases, have already served their usefullness[sic] and should have been replaced by the owner prior to the winter weather, and
WHEREAS, some residents insist that we completely replace a complete box and post, especially the more expensive ones, the costs have become unreasonable, and
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that all replacement and repairs to residents mail boxes, due to damage from the snow plows and ice control equipment, will not be expended unless the location of such mail box complies with the following regulation and then the only expenditure will be for one (1) 4" x 4" post and one regular standard metal mail box, if the Road Department is responsible for damage:
All mail boxes on curbed and guttered roads and streets must set back a minimum of one foot (12 inches) from the inside edge of the curb or gutter. On roads or streets not guttered or curbed, the box must set back from the edge of the pavement a minimum of two feet (24 inches). In either case a minimum height from the ground is four feet (48 inches). This height is a Postal Department requirement. All set back measurements are for the front of the mail box and not the post dimension.

G. Lee Krauss, Clerk

Richard E. Orwig, Chairman
David A. Hines, Vice Chairman
Lloyd F. Welch, Trustee
Dated March 16, 1982


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